The Dew Drop Curse?

Random thought that came into my head this morning:

I figured out why I didn’t land any fish this year or have a fish on for longer than a half-second (the first time out of four years).

It isn’t because of the lower numbers of fish returning, or because I had bad timing, or primarily used the swung fly method, or for any other possible reason. It all comes down to the fact that I stayed at the Dew Drop Inn in town –for the first time, instead of camping or staying at other local accommodations like I have in previous years.

Sorry, Dew Drop. I think your motel is cursed. 

Here’s the breakdown of this revelation:

The first time I stayed there, was for a few days in the beginning of the year by myself with Doc, and I didn’t touch a single fish.

Late February, I came out with Andrew and our good friend, Tyler, and the three of us stayed there, and none of us had a fish to hand.

The next time out in late March, I stayed with good friends in their trailer at a local campsite for the first part of the week, but when Andrew and his friends from Boise came out, we stayed at a rental house in town, and two of the four of us had fish on, and the hope was restored. Temporarily…

The last time I went out, I went by myself with Doc and we stayed at the Dew Drop, as well as other friends who came and met us out there, and between the three of us, we had ZERO fish the first day, and the last day, two of us had a brief encounter with a fish, but just enough to be a teaser and nothing more.

I am not an extremely superstitious person, but I do follow sayings like “knock on wood” and occasionally will make a wish at 11:11… I also will not stay at that motel any more, because it just might be cursed with a steelhead skunking for me, and I don’t need to spend any more nights there to find out if that’s true or not. Go ahead and chuckle at me… 

The last few years that I have been out with Andrew, we have always camped out in tents or stayed at other lodging accommodations in town, but this was the first year we stayed at the Dew Drop, and the first year of winter steelheading either of us didn’t touch a single fish…



Who knows… but that’s the idea that helps alleviate the skunk-smelling monkey on my back that never got off, and I’m sticking to it!


Until next time…






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