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  1. Between our crew of five I bet we put in over 100 hours of steelhead fishing on the coast Fri-Sun. The result: one dime bright hen around 12 lbs and some minor sunburn.

    Still worth every minute, every time!

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    • Yeah it was tough this year. You really just had to be in the right spot at the right time. And sometimes there was someone there dragging a gill net in front of you… It was not my year, but it is never a regret getting out and enjoying the company of others who share the pain, and delight in those who were redeemed. I put in over 100 hrs by myself and only had two strong tugs and an encounter that only lasted for a breath. Now I am looking forward to heading to Montana at the end of the month to get some non-anadromous trout that bite!


  2. Haha… I would have never imagined seeing the words Fish + Porn used in the same phrase. However your are very correct there is always a period where you need to be reminded/motivated that there is fish out there… Nice post!


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