Looking back and moving forward…

*UPDATED* and revamped. What happens when you write a post initially without editing and are eager to post before doing so.


Write 2 Fly-Fish

If you had asked me –not even 6 years ago, whether I would ever end up being obsessed with fly-fishing to the point of seeking out adventures anytime I could to fulfill the addiction, I probably would have laughed in your face. I was in a much different place in my life back then. The funny thing is, “back then” really wasn’t all that long ago in the big scheme of things– in life.

I have mentioned this before in past blog posts, but it never fails to be a friendly reminder to myself that I once was more into fashion and going out to clubs, than I ever would have thought I would be into, driving to the nearest river to fly-fish instead. It seems like that part of my life is in a past life far from this one, rather than the reality of less than a decade…

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