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IF4 in Seattle on April 9th! Hosted by WSC and April Vokey

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I am absolutely thrilled to be in charge of coordinating the first WSC hosted IF4 event in Seattle.

There are some key aspects to this particular event that I feel will make it one of the best IF4 showings this year:

– THE VENUE. Not only will it be at a fantastic location where food and drinks will be served all evening, but it’s going to be at TWO venues that are right next door to each other and will air the film simultaneously, making it easy for guests to enjoy the film and socialize between the two spots: Tini Bigs and Hula Hula. A huge thanks to Keith Robbins for contributing both of his venues!

– APRIL VOKEY WILL BE ATTENDING/CO-HOSTING WITH ME. She has an insanely busy schedule, so this is exciting news for the WSC, and we appreciate her taking the time to be a part of our event. She is featured in the first IF4 produced film “Landed” as well, which is part of the line-up of great films to be shown.

April Vokey - Landed - Bulkley River

April is a successful guide, teacher, writer and conservationist who has been an integral part of the fly-fishing industry, and is a positive influence to the community. Read more about her here:

– RAISING MONEY FOR WILD STEELHEAD! This is the first year the WSC (Wild Steelhead Coalition) has hosted IF4, and by collaborating with them this year, there is potential for us to raise a lot of money for a fantastic and important cause. Thank you to the Birds’ and IF4 for giving us the opportunity!


The Official Trailer:

IF4™ 2014 – Tickets On Sale Now! from IF4 on Vimeo.


Check out our Event Page on Facebook:

Hope to see you there!

~Lisa S.

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