Beach fishing

A little beach fishing on this fine Sunday…

It’s a typical day outside in Seattle… Raining and chilly, but luckily not windy. In my mind, it is a good day for some beach fishing.

So, Andrew and I got out the single-handed rods that had been collecting dust since last summer, as our Spey rods practically stay rigged up year round, pushing the other rods further back on the shelf. We dug out the 5 lb tippet and chartreuse colored flies and headed to the local beach for some cutthroat action– or at least, an attempt to find some.

One of Andrew’s classmates joined us for the rainy Sunday adventure, and it ended up being exactly that: A pursuit for fish in an endless downpour. It seemed like a typical “NW profile” example that Pemco insurance could use as one of its’ catchy advertisements. “Fly fishermen enduring the rain for the elusive piscatorial pursuit…” Or something along those lines. (If you haven’t seen or heard those commercials, Google it. They’re pretty amusing and not far fetched in poking fun at the typical NW resident.)

Anyway, It was worth getting my hands wet being able to practice double-hauling with my Echo 5wt and unweighted line. And it certainly was a refreshing change to my habitual Spey casting methods I have succumbed to over the last few months. I was surprised with how quickly I picked up the single-hand casting techniques I had feared were lost, and I even felt they improved a bit.

All-in-all, despite not getting a single tug, it was a satisfying afternoon spent on the beach. A perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday in Seattle, if you ask me.







Until next time…

“Don’t ask questions, just get out and fish.”



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