Spey casting

A Rainy Weekend Away

It was definitely “a fish of a thousand casts” last weekend, but it was worth getting out of the city for a couple days and out on some of our favorite water.

With all the pressure the rivers on the coast are getting lately, I will not write a lot of detail on where we were and how the experience was. Besides, it’s never a glamorous story anyway, and the last thing that area needs is another story about how “epic” the fishery is out there, or how everyone and their mom should “hit the Peninsula” for the “fish of a lifetime”, because it isn’t any of those things and it’s only getting worse with less and less fish returning every year. The reason we go back every year is because it’s a special place to us, and we know when to stay off the rivers and leave the fish alone, but we also are too stubborn to stop fishing there completely. Yet… (I know I probably sound bitter, but it’s my blog and I will cry if I want to.)

I was able to borrow my parents’ Nikon SLR, and Andrew and I had fun playing with it. We are no photographers by any means, but I am happy to have photos that aren’t from my iPhone for once.

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy the photos:


Andrew and Doc

Andrew swinging flies

Lisa Schweitzer swinging flies

Lisa Schweitzer casting

Lisa Schweitzer casting

Lisa Schweitzer ross reel

Lisa Schweitzer swinging flies


Until next time…



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