“Wild Reverence”

Shane Anderson and North Fork Studios have created a film that highlights the decline in our wild steelhead population today and what we can do to help the future of these magnificent fish. I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

The video preview speaks for itself, and the fish:

The full length production is set to be released soon…

For more information visit: Wild Reverence

There are more and more groups getting involved with conservation projects that want to help save wild steelhead from depleting entirely. The only way they will have a chance at success, is to educate yourself and be a part of an organization that cares.

If you want to get involved and/or educated on the importance in conservation of wild steelhead, I recommend visiting the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s website:

Thank you.

I hope everyone is able to see Anderson’s film at some point or another…

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