Steelhead Saturday

Sometimes, you just need some steelhead in your life… Sometimes the only way you can have them is via photos, because you are stuck inside…

So here it is: “Steelhead Saturday”

(This is intended to be purely a fun photo blog post, and did not feel it was necessary to contact each and every individual for their consent to share photos that were posted via Facebook. If you have an issue with any of the photos, or insist on specific photo credit to be listed, please email me directly at lschweitzer (at) Thank you and I hope you enjoy this chromey fish porn! -Lisa S.)

Marty Sheppard Steelhead

Justin Crump Steelhead

Pam Harris Steelhead

Andrew Schweitzer Steelhead

Chris Anderson Steelhead

Gregg Lauder Steelhead

April Vokey Steelhead

Whitney Trent Steelhead

Andrew Schweitzer Steelhead

Paula Shearer Steelhead

Tim Pask Steelhead

Mark Shamburg-Donahue Steelhead

Lisa Schweitzer Steelhead

Andrea Charlton Dustin Kovacvich

simon gawesworth steelhead

Sonya Pask Steelhead

Scott Baker-McGarva Steelhead

Mia Sheppard Steelhead

Jeff Bright Steelhead

Gray Struznik Steelhead

Andrea Charlton Steelhead

Ross Purnell Steelhead

April Vokey Steelhead

Craig Scoot Mason Steelhead

Whitney Gould Steelhead

Anette Lauder Steelhead

Jeff Hickman Steelhead

Adrienne Comeau Steelhead

Kate Taylor Steelhead

Lisa Schweitzer Steelhead

Stevie Morrow Steelhead

April Vokey Steelhead

Francois Blanchet Steelhead

Gray Struznik Steelhead

Kateri Clay Steelhead

Ben Grady Steelhead

Leah Sells Steelhead

Hannah Belford Steelhead

Lisa Schweitzer with a Skeena River Steelhead

Photo by Rick Willauer

Annie Kubicka Steelhead

Ben Trainer Steelhead

Catherine Laflamme Steelhead

Shane Anderson Steelhead

Fay Mills Steelhead

Gray Struznik steelhead

Kate Taylor Steelhead

Andrea Charlton Steelhead Adam Tavender Photo

Adrienne Comeau Steelhead

Lisa Schweitzer steelhead

Steelhead Photo by Rick Willauer

If you have any photos you want me to share on a future “Steelhead Saturday” post, please email me.

Thanks for visiting!


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    • This is the first photo blog I have done with the intention to highlight the joy of fly-fishing for steelhead, and I do not intend to show “air boarding” or “hero shots” on a regular basis. Since all of the photos shown were gathered from a wide range of years, I don’t feel it is displaying unnecessary or overly zealous harm to fish, and most of the photos are of fish in the water anyway. I appreciate your comment and voicing your opinion though, and I will take it into consideration with future blog posts. Thank you.


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