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A METHOD To The Steelhead Madness

I had the chance to try out the new Sage METHOD 7126-4 spey rod during my last steelhead trip to Idaho.

The color catches your eye immediately  when you first pull the rod out of the bold red and black case. Most fly rods I have seen are a black, brown, green or blue color… The red was a bit of a shock. Pretty bad ass looking, in my opinion.

I had read other fly-fishers reviews of this rod– most of which came to the similar conclusion that the METHOD was “very fast-action”.

 My husband and I both own the Sage TCX spey rods in the same line and weight of 7126-4, which is a fast-action rod in itself, and is what we both describe as a stout rod that is light-weight and when timed correctly, a skagit or scandi line launches with ease. 
I started out by putting a 525 gr skagit line on, with a T-11 sink tip, and I was able to throw out some nice casts even with the wind blowing in my face. The key with these fast-action rods, is timing. If you’re used to a slower or wider stroke, you want to feel like you are tightening everything up with the METHOD, otherwise it will feel like you are trying to cast yarn into a wind gust, or you at least won’t get a precise turnover with your fly. Once you have that sharp, tight casting stroke with the timing right, you’ll notice the METHOD feels like you could launch 150 ft of line no problem. (Not that I was doing that, but the way the line casts out with ease, it makes it feel easy.)

I also cast it with a 550 gr Scandi line with a floating line, and that setup worked even better than the skagit set up for casting dry flies or standard fall flies.

I used my favorite Ross CLA-6 reel with it, and that size was perfect for the rod. I also use the same reel on my TCX, as well as my 8wt. DEcho spey rod. (See my other review on the CLA Here.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to actually fight a fish on the METHOD during this trip, as the fishing was pretty slow and the rivers not in ideal shape. I would have loved to feel that rod with a bend in if, but hey, it wouldn’t be true steelhead fishing without some torture thrown in there.
In summary, I feel the METHOD Spey rod is one that’s best suited for the intermediate to experienced caster, but if you are able to learn how to spey cast initially with this type of rod, you’ll be able to cast just about anything. It is also a versatile rod that will have you covered for all seasons of steelhead and salmon fishing.
For more info and where to purchase:

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