"Swing Flies, Be Happy"

Swing Flies Be Happy; Write 2 Fly Fish, W2FF

I wanted to take a quick moment to clarify the motto for W2FF: “Swing Flies, Be Happy”, for anyone who is curious as to where it came from, or think that is the only way I fish or support, etc…

Basically, I came up with the motto initially because I have always liked sayings with “_______, Be Happy”, since I consider myself an optimistic, glass half-full type of person, and because I fell in love with fly-fishing primarily through winter steelheading with my husband. During those times, I would find myself saying “Swing flies, be happy” after countless days of fishing in the rain and wind, without a touch on the end of the line, because I wanted to at least make myself feel like I was staying optimistic, even when it seemed like there was no hope.

The technique I primarily use when fly-fishing for steelhead, is “swinging” flies through a run, versus other common techniques that are out there as an option. I think it is important for me to clarify that the motto doesn’t mean I do not support or am opposed to trying other techniques for steelhead, but that is just the one that I fell in love with and haven’t looked back since hooking my first steelhead from a swung fly approach. I have nymphed for trout, stripped line for searun cutthroat and salmon, and even trolled for salmon and ling cod off of a boat with a gear rod… I see the saying: “Swing Flies, Be Happy” as an overall positive summary of how I like to present most flies to fish. I think eventually, the motto will come off the permanent logo, and then can be interchangeable with “Cast Flies, Be Happy” or “Skate Flies, Be Happy” or any number of catchy phrases, but this is the one that stuck for now.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion or misrepresentation I may have caused when sticking that phrase on the logo without explanation. I respect all ways of fly-fishing and traditional fishing, as long as when releasing a fish, it is done humanely and responsibly. (That could be the small print, one could say.) 🙂

Anyway, thanks again for all the follows, ‘likes’, support and so-forth with this page and my website/blog. I am looking forward to actually doing some more writing once my other responsibilities settle down a bit and allow for more time to let my creative side loose.

Thanks for reading!

-Lisa S.

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