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A Fisherman (and woman)’s Best Friend

It seems that dogs are about as prominent as a fly box is next to its’ master out on the rivers, beaches, streams and lakes. Just like a bird hunter needs a dog that retrieves to make hunting trips easier, most fishers like to have a dog by their side for company (retrieving a fish would not be a good idea in this case). I feel this is because dogs simply make the experience more enjoyable. Dogs are happy just being with you and spending time outside, and they go absolutely ballistic when there is actually a fish being fought. They truly are that constant companion that doesn’t complain or ask how many casts “one more” really is, and they are even better for the times when a frustrating or unsuccessful day was had, and you just need furry ears to rub and a lick on the cheek to make it all better.

Since having Doc in our lives, Andrew and I have enjoyed our fishing trips more than ever, because his presence completes our fishing “team”. As natural as it is for us to load the back of the truck up with our fly rods and reels, it’s become synonymous for us to load our hound in the backseat.

Jeff Marsh Photo

I decided to make a blog post about fishing dogs, because I have discovered that I am not the only one who feels that it’s next-to-nature having a canine companion on fishing trips.

Some of the following dogs are owned by friends of mine and others were submitted by fly-fishing folks from various parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Thank you to all of the dogs’ owners for allowing me to put them on my blog. 🙂  
 *Note: If I didn’t receive the name of who to give photo credit to, I listed the owner’s name(s) as “photo by”.

If you have ever thought about getting a riverside partner, this gallery might just convince you to do so…

Miia and Jenn (Grace Rose Photography)
Bailey and Baxter (Branden Hays photo)
Bear (Anette Lauder photo)
Cedar (Mia Sheppard photo)
Nelly (Mia Sheppard photo)
Colby (April Vokey photo)
Faran (Garrett Smith photo)
Murphy (Josh Mills photo)
Maya (Jeff Lyman photo)
Gabby and Chico (Pam and Jim Harris photo)
Kada and Justin (Kate Taylor photo)
Rayden (Brian Niska photo)
Trout (Peter Kaal photo)
Thompson (Ben Grady photo)
Piscator “Tory” (Adrienne Comeau photo)
Sage (Hannah Belford photo)
Willa (Whitney Gould photo)
Doc (Jeff Marsh photo)
Emma (Photo by Heidi Lewis)


Thank you fellow canine friends/family for being the inspiration for– not only this post– but in the optimism of life.

Andrew and I rescued our companion from the Humane Society of the Palouse. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a dog, check out the site where we found our beloved, “Doc”:

“Swing Flies, Be Happy”

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