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Dogs make the world go round. I know there are some people who may disagree (and they’re called “cat people” ha ha), but I believe that life would be pretty morose without these four–sometimes three– legged creatures.

Most people who have been following my blog/website or ‘like’ the “W2FF” Facebook page, know that I am quite honestly obsessed with my dog.

Doc’s first jet boat ride

Doc is on my website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… He is all over the web. He also has several nicknames: Hound Chow, Wolf Puppy, Chow Face, Hound Wolf, Chow Monkey, Monkey… the list continues to grow. I would say I feel bad “whoring” him out on the internet, but I secretly hope he will contribute to his dog food fund someday, but being discovered by a random “Dog Model Scout” who will want to put his adorable, floppy one-ear, happy face on a book cover or something. (The odds of this happening are slim, but you can’t say I didn’t try, right?)

I also simply love taking pictures of him ALL THE TIME, which is why we have a zillion photos of him sleeping:

(And that is just a few of them…)

Ultimately, I have become a “crazy dog lady”.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be about fishing dogs. 🙂

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