Meet a Few Talented Individuals

There are a lot of photographers out there who capture the outdoors and/or fly-fishing, so I wanted to feature a few of them who have caught my eye over the last couple years…

Some of the following people are professional photographers, and others are simply individuals who take photos as a hobby– All of which have captured some incredible moments.


Aaron Goodis

Aaron Goodis Photo Sacred Coast

Aaron Goodis Photo

Aaron Goodis is a Fly-Fishing/Nature/Landscape/Active Lifestyle photographer out of Vancouver, B.C. He is also an avid fly-fisherman and writer.
You can find more of his work at and his Facebook Page

Carina Skrobecki

Carina Skrobecki photo

Carina Skrobecki photo

Carina specializes in wedding/lifestyle photography out of the Seattle area. She is also a fantastic graphic designer (she did my wedding invitations and did an amazing job).
Her design work was also highlighted in a feature called “Rainier 20 Twelve”– where she designed the article for fellow photographer, Jeff Marsh’s documentary.
For more of her work, visit her blog and her Facebook Page
Ryan Davey
Ryan Davey Photo

Ryan Davey Photo
Ryan is the owner of Primal Angler– A guiding company based out of the Pacific Northwest that also specializes in photography and media. 
 “We are the only outfitter in the fishing industry that offers the option to document your adventures and produce high quality Media Products of your personal fishing adventure!”
For more info visit and his Facebook Page
Dave McCoy
Dave Mccoy photo

dave mccoy photo
Dave is the owner of Emerald Water Anglers and also Dave McCoy Photography.
Dave’s work has been featured in: 
Catch Magazine
Blood Knot Magazine
The Flyfish Journal
Fly Fisherman Magazine
Stonefly Magazine
Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
Fly Rod and Reel
Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine
Alaska and Horizon Air Magazines
Destination Fish Magazine
Japan Fly Rodders Magazine
Sportski Ribolov Magazine, Croatia
This is Fly Magazine
New York Times
Jeff Marsh
Jeff Marsh photo

Jeff Marsh photo
Jeff is a photographer based out of the Seattle area, who specializes in wedding/engagement/lifestyle photography (some might recognize his name from the photos he took of Andrew and I on the river for our “engagement photos”). 
His work was highlighted in the piece mentioned in Carina’s section above with the Rainier 20 Twelve project, which he put together to help raise money and awareness for the families of two fallen rangers who lost their lives while on duty.
For more of Jeff’s photography work, check out
Jason Jagger

Cover photo by Jason Jagger

Jason is from NW Colorado where he works as a Commercial Beekeeper, and is also a fly-fishing guide in Colorado and on The Midfjardara in Iceland. His photos have been featured in Fly-Fisherman as well as in Catch Magazine
Mike Kinney

 Mike Kinney is known for his incredible spey-casting techniques and has been a salmon and trout guide for over twenty-five years. He has been featured in a number of fly-fishing publications and videos, as well as his flies.

One thing some people might not know about this fly-fishing legend, is that he takes some absolutely stunning photos.

For more of Mike’s photography, visit 
Rick Willauer

 Rick is currently finishing up his second year at UW School of Medicine (classmates with my husband), so unfortunately he rarely gets time off to take photos or go fly-fishing these days. 
Before med school, Rick worked as a fly-fishing guide for Troutwater for 2+ years and became an avid skier and mountain biker. He and his brother, Joe, also started Evolution Anglers— A blog about their adventures and stories while fly-fishing.
A feature of Rick’s photos can be seen HERE

(More photographers and photos will be featured here soon…)

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