Today, it hit me…

Winterrun steelhead season on the Olympic Peninsula is almost over! 😦

Lisa Schweitzer Hoh River Fly Fishing Winter Steelhead
A couple years ago. Last run of the day…

The thought made me cry a little. No, not really, but deep down inside, I know that my favorite time of the year is coming to a close and it pains me.

Ultimately, this means two things: 1) I should start getting into fishing for other species and 2) I should get out to the O.P. for summer run steelhead in June. (The latter only emphasizes my addiction making it difficult to pursue the former…) Oh dear.

So, as I sit at my laptop on this Saturday afternoon, wallowing in my lack-of-steelhead sorrow, I can only think of one thing that will help alleviate my impending withdrawal, and that is to work on gear reviews.

I have lines to try out and waders to wear… I have a lot of work to do!

Until next time, fishy folks…  

“Swing Flies, Be Happy”


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