Women on the Fly

Women on the Fly

Meet Channing Schmuck:

(Look out Jennifer Lawrence)

 Miss Schmuck is a Colorado gal you can generally find holding a bow, rifle, shot gun or a fly rod (and/or one of the animals or fish that found themselves in her target or at the end of her line). I haven’t met her in person yet, but when I do, I want her to show me how to shoot a bow and arrow! Channing is without-a-doubt: A badass outdoors woman.
I asked her to share a photo from a recent fly-fishing trip.    
 The experience in Channing’s words:  
“My fiancé and I camped out in Wyoming for 4 days last week, and got to fish the entire time! We fished in Alcova on the North Platte, and the fish in the picture was my best one! Fishing was really great this year for us on this trip, and nothing beats four days of the serene and peaceful river. It wasn’t until day three that I caught the fish in the picture, but well worth the wait=) It was the first day we had some sunshine and little to no wind!! (In Wyoming… what a treat!!!) I cast many times into a deep riffle where we had been catching many bows, when I looked over at my fiancé to ask a question about mending my line (after 6 years of fly-fishing, I’m still learning new things LOL) and BAM! After chasing my fish downstream and ten minutes of a great fight, I pulled this beauty out! What a great time when you get to see the beauty of these incredible fish!” 
Great story and gorgeous fish! I have heard from many people: “Those who fish together, stay together.” 🙂
Thank you for sharing your story with W2FF!
Cheers and fish on~

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