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Ross CLA Reel Review

I have owned my Ross CLA #6 reel for 3 years now and have thrown it on a few different spey rods (7 or 8 wt), and I love it.

Bottom line is: An excellent reel for your buck.

As described by the company itself:
“This is why the CLA series is the most popular reel for outfitters and guides who demand unwavering performance in an affordable package. This is the same reason the CLA is also our dealers’ favorite for anglers that are looking for an American made, high quality, reasonably priced fly reel”. See Full Description Here

For someone who was just getting into spey casting for big steelhead and salmon and on a budget, this reel was the perfect one for me when shopping for reels over three years ago. The size 6 is specifically designed for 9/10/11 wt. spey rods or 10-12 wt. single hand rods, but I have used it on my DH8133 “Decho” rod year-round, and I recently and put it on the Sage ONE 7126, and it does the job on both.

Fighting a steelhead on the “Decho”
CLA 6 on the ONE and a friend’s CLA 5 on his Scott

Low down on why I would recommend the Ross CLA 6 reel:

  • It’s affordable (Suggested Retail: $295.00)
  • Strong drag system for “the big ones”
  • Sharp looking (I get a lot of compliments on mine)
  • Good for anglers just getting into the sport (for all the reasons above), and also because it is easy to use and adjust.
  • Great for year-round steelhead/salmon (It can handle summer/fall/winter lines rigged up with different sizes and weight of lines.)
  • Did I mention, it’s affordable? 

For more info and places to purchase a Ross CLA, CLICK HERE


“Swing Flies, Be Happy”

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