Spey casting

Women on the Fly

I hope most people have seen a photo or two of this awesome gal holding a gigantic steelhead already at some point, but for those who have not, meet Anette Lauder:

Courtesy of Anette

Anette is an avid fly-fisher from Smithers, B.C. where she is a R.N. by day (or night, depending on when they need her I’m sure!) and a badass steelheader when she isn’t busy taking care of patients.

Courtesy of Anette

First of all, how can you resist that smile? When I first started getting into steelhead fishing, I came across many photos of this woman holding monster chromers with that amazing smile, and I couldn’t help but think how not only was she clearly a fantastic fisherwoman, but she also looked like someone you would want to meet and get to know. (I hope that happens soon!)

Here is a bit she wrote explaining this gorgeous photo she sent me:

“It captures the beauty of a Northern BC river on a cold October day and appears to be mysterious and dark. Love it! Steelheading is especially a challenge on those days. After switching to the other side of the river, I hooked into my biggest buck just before dark in the fast tail of this run. Last cast and an incredibly aggressive take by this steelhead… Experience of a lifetime with my husband Gregg and our dog Bear at my side. Sharing those moments is the best!!!”
I could not agree more, Anette! That type of story will stay with you forever, because as you and many of us know, if it wasn’t for the challenge, winter steelheading would be far less rewarding. Half of the beauty in catching these magnificent creatures, is the way you go about hooking them… Swinging flies in tough conditions is my favorite way to seek out these fish, and I know sharing those moments with your loved ones (dog and husband in my case too) is the icing on the cake.
Thanks for sharing girl! 
 Fish on~
“Swing Flies, Be Happy”

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