Bloggy, blog, blog.

I need to start getting serious about this blog. My current mental fatigue makes it hard to be inspired to write anything worth reading, but with Friday being the last day at my “day job”, I will have nothing but time and energy to reflect upon the inspiration I have been storing away…

Alas, on this rainy Tuesday evening, as I sit at my lap top with a glass of red wine still wearing my work clothes, I find myself reminiscing about Idaho and the life I fell in love with over there.

Taking a break.


Idaho is a place where a lot of positive aspects of my life were born and fulfilled.

The first thing I saw when we pulled up in our caravan of moving vehicles in the fall of 2010, was three beautiful horses that were to be our backyard neighbors at our little farmhouse in Cottonwood.

Immediately, I was in heaven. Horses in our backyard in the country that is surrounded by rivers– I couldn’t have dreamed about a better gift to welcome us to our temporary new home in a town of a little over 1,000 people.

We moved to Cottonwood, ID in September that year, so that Andrew could get experience for applying to medical school by working at the hospital in town, and I could experience “small town” life with him. I had just finished my English degree from the University of Washington, and it was only a couple months later that we set off from the big city of Seattle to embark on our adventure in the country.

Cottonwood is a place that you have to live in to understand how special it is. After spending nearly a year there in our cozy little abode, we made life-long friendships, fished our tails off, were involved in community events, brought our families over to visit, and ultimately fell in love with the area. All of this made me realize how much of a country girl I am at heart.

Our plan is to eventually move back there after Andrew finishes medical school. I know a lot can happen between now and then,  but I sure hope we do.

Stay classy, “C-Wood”… Stay classy.


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