FTC Disclosure

FTC Disclosure

In order to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s policy for writing “gear reviews” on personal blogs or websites, I will include mine here in detail, and for every post that is written for gear that I didn’t purchase myself, there will be a link to this page.

FTC Disclosure for Write 2 Fly-Fish:

All products reviewed on my “Write 2 Fly-Fish” website or “Behing the Spey Rod” blog, were given to me to review based on the terms as follows:

  • Product was gifted to me by a company to review and allowed to keep
  • Product was given to me by a company to borrow, review and return
  • Product was gifted to me by a person not affiliated with the company
  • Product was lent to me for the sole purpose of reviewing

Product Review Policy:

  • Reviews will only be posted if I have permission to do so by the company 
  • Reviews on products/gear that I own, purchased myself, or were gifted to me, will be posted purely for writing pleasure and as review samples for personal benefit

If there are any additional circumstances that come up, they will be added to the list above.

Thank you for reading.

-Lisa M. Schweitzer


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