Perfect Abode for Two Crazy Steelheaders

I never thought that I would find myself excited about sleeping in a tent, until now…

L. Schweitzer Photo

 Folks, this is twelve by sixteen feet of pure glory. I can’t wait to spend this coming weekend in it with my equally steelhead-crazy husband and our hound chow.

There is nothing better than spending many tiring, soggy days out on a cold, rainy river pursuing steelhead with the utmost vigor, and coming back to a warm, dry and– best of all– “free” abode.

I will never doubt my husband’s ambition again.

Until my next post…. Fish on everyone~~


Categories: Steelhead

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  1. I stared at the title of this post for like 2minutes. I kept thinking you spelled Adobe wrong. Then I was like why did she even try to say adobe house it doesn't even look like that. Then after judging your choice of words which I am the last person in the world who should be doing so… I realized that you infact did mean abode. I am an idiot. I enjoy your blog and look forward to future reports.


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