Reminiscing about the cold, rainy days.

“A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” -said someone that I don’t know.

I have to agree with that, except when it involves hours upon hours of fish-less days on a cold, rainy river that just blew out the day you arrived. It starts with a feeling of, “well, we are here, so we might as well fish.”… To, “well, at least we can practice casting.” …To, “sh#$%#*! We should just go dig razor clams because we aren’t gonna find anything in this muddy, high water!”. Yeah, I guess even a happy fisher can turn sour, even if you aren’t at work.

Ultimately, what I love most about fishing on our favorite rivers on the Washington coast, is the fact that you just never know. Steelhead are not predictable creatures, and this is why we love them, right? If you knew you could just walk out on the run and throw a line out and catch one every time, it wouldn’t be a challenge and would take the rush and reward out of it. At least that’s my take on it.

So, as I sit in the lunch room and am restricted from being on the river at this moment, I will leave you all with some photos from places where the mysterious steelhead may or may not have been…



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