Patagonia is an amazing brand of outdoor clothing. It is also $$… Maybe $$$…(Hence the nickname stated in the post title– with all do respect to the actual name, and of course, the company as a whole.) Ultimately, no matter the price, it is worth every penny. I was lucky enough to get my first pieces of this fine thread from family and/or friends for Christmas or birthday gifts. So, the obsession began…

I think what I love most about Patagonia gear, is that it is designed for a purpose of some kind– aimed to please a fly-fisher, rock-climber, skier, etc. So, whatever you buy, you will be warm, dry and/or comfy. It also is a company that is dedicated to conservation and gives back to support helping save our planet.

I do find it amusing that when worn off the water or mountain, Patagonia can also suit the taste of an upper-class soccer mom’s every day “NW casual” closet as well. One day, you could be on an Olympic Peninsula river and see the Down Sweater jacket with dirty-stained sleeves rolled up on a guy who just finished landing a native steelhead, and the next day, you see it on a Jennifer Aniston look-a-like “bleep-bleeping” her Range Rover to prevent anyone from stealing it in the University Village parking lot outside of Pottery Barn. I find this to be quite an interesting juxtaposition of a single brand. Hence, the coined name: “Pata-Gucci”. Of course, there are plenty of people who find themselves Patagonia-clad who are not fishermen or wealthy house-wives, so that was just a single observation I happened to come across and felt the need to share.

When reflecting back to the image on the river, I feel this is where my love for this clothing sprouted. I relate to the “dirty sleeves rolled up” and to the fishing. Before I started fishing, I would see photos of people fighting big fish wearing the “Patagonia” label, and I thought to myself, “That must be good fishing clothing”. So, after receiving the Nano-Puff for Christmas a couple years ago and trying it out on the river for myself, I just found myself glued. Sure, my waders are Simms G3‘s and my jacket is a Cloudveil model that they don’t make anymore, but ultimately, you have to mix it up a little and I find that whatever works, works. Patagonia works best for me, thus far, for under-layers, sweaters and jackets. Thanks to a fellow fly-fisher who offered a generous coupon that allowed me to get some new gear without breaking the bank, I was able to get a couple more awesome pieces of outerwear to try. The good thing is, if it doesn’t end up working out on the river, it most likely will suit me just fine on days spent off of it.


In front of the Yellow Cedar Lodge in Terrace, B.C.

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